Spanish Pillows

Mediterranean Sleeping with the unique, oblong and healthy bed pillows from Spain

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The Dutch company ES ROPA has an exclusive partnership with Spanish pillow manufacturer Mash and Pikolin. As a result, the renowned oblong pillows are not only available in Spain but also in the Benelux and UK. On the website you can find the different variations of Spanish cushions. Do you have a prefrence for the soft or firm version of the Spanish pillow? In addition, the matching pillowcases are also available in several fashionable colors.

Shipping the Spanish pillows to your bedroom is no hassle, from € 50 (GBP 50) shipping is free of charge!

Payments can best be made via PayPal or Creditcard via Paypal. If so your purchase is even secured.

Don't you have experience with the oblong Spanish pillow? Do you doubt the benefits of this unique pillow? Imagine a comfortable long and comfortable sleeping pillow. A pillow which covers the entire width of your bed. The original Spanish bed pillow lets you experience a healthy sleep in a Mediterranean atmosphere. Order this unique pillow easily via (translated; Healthy Pillows) and experience the benefits yourself; A Spanish pillow covers the entire width of the bed; your head is always well supported, even when you sleep in different positions. A sore neck belongs to the past. Do you usually lie with one arm under your pillow? Often a regular pillow is perceived as to square. Tall people can experience a bed as to short.  A Spanish pillow is a narrow sleeping pillow and limited the distance to the headboard. With a Spanish pillow no cold feet anymnore! 

A good night's sleep is essential for your health. Did you know a healthy pillow is just as important as a mattress?

All Spanish sleeping pillows are washable and have had an anti- dust mite and anti -bacterial treatment. The pillows have an additional lockable sleeve of 100% cotton with ECO label . A Spanish pillow is healthy and phenomena suitable for people with allergies. Do you have sholder or neck pain? This cushion can be a solution . Also available on the website the so called Double Pillows, especially for Romantic Couples, imagen with each other on a Spanish pillow or it can also be used as a pregnancy/nursing pillow.

An estimating of one in three people has sleeping problems. A sound sleep is very important and depends on many factors, such as sleeping position in bed. Sleeping on the side , back or stomach requires a good pillow . A bad pillow causes headache, neck/shoulder pain and can cause discomfort . It is also important to replace the pillow once in max. two years since the pillow captures skin cells and also bacteria can develop. For advice for the right pillow, please contact us or visit our website